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Question 1
What is the function for the Restart button of a configured IP phone in the Phone Configuration window under Cisco Unified Communications Manager web administration page?
A. It means a restart for the firmware and the configuration.
B. It means unregistering and then registering the phone again with the Cisco Unified CM.
C. It means to unregister the phone from the Cisco Unified CM.
D. There is no Restart button in the Cisco Unified CM.

Answer: B
Question 2
Which choice reduces the call quality?
A. high bitrate
B. low bitrate
C. number of endpoints (phones)
D. CPU usage

Answer: B
Question 3
What should be installed on a Cisco IP phone if a user wants information to display in any language other than English?
A. locale installer
B. media resources
C. language bundle
D. run update

Answer: A
Question 4
Which two seivices must be running to enable report publishing for RTMT? (Choose two)
A. Cisco RIS data collector
B. Cisco RTMT Reporter servlet
C. Cisco Serviceability Reporter
D. Cisco Trace Collection servlet
E. Cisco Trace Collection Service
F. Cisco Extended Functions

Answer: B C
Question 5
You successfully added a call park feature for the IP phone that is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. What needs to be done on Cisco Unified CME for the call park softkey to appear on the IP phone screen?
A. Restart the IP phone.
B. You do not need to do anything. It will appear once the configuration is done.
C. You cannot add the call park feature to an existing configured IP phone. You have to delete the IP phone configuration first, and then start configuring it again.
D. The call park feature is not supported on Cisco Unified CME.

Answer: A
Question 6
Adam is the network administrator of a company. He finds out that CDR files are being collected and pushed to the CDR Repository node but the files are not getting transferred to third-party billing servers. Which seivice should be restarted as a troubleshooting step?
A. CDR agent
B. CDR Repository Manager
C. CDRonDemand
D. Cisco CallManager

Answer: B
Question 7
Which two features must be specified when you perform a manual backup of Cisco Unified Communications Manager to a network directory destination? (Choose two)
A. file extension
B. schedule date and time
C. server name
D. TFTP server IP address
E. transport method (ftp, tftp)
F. user name

Answer: C F
Question 8
What procedure should an administrator apply to delete a directory number from CUCM database?
A. Call Routing > Route Plan Report
B. Call Routing > Delete DN
C. Phone Directory > Delete DN
D. Delete > Phone Directory

Answer: A
Question 9
When someone is troubleshooting a network issue, what should be the first step acccording to troubleshooting methodology?
A. Define the problem.
B. Gather the facts.
C. Document the facts.
D. Consider the possibilities.

Answer: A
Question 10
Which file extension is used with the Bulk Administration Tool to automatically populate and insert data into the database when adding users in bulk?

Answer: A

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