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Question 1
When you configure a T1 CAS PSTN Interface, which command instructs the router to receive its interface clocking from the service provider?
A. linecode b8zs
B. clock source line
C. ds0-group 1 timeslots 1-24
D. clock source internal

Answer: B
Question 2
Which menu path takes you to the CAR report that should be run to determine the length of long distance calls made from a company?
A. Bills > Individual
B. Bills > Department
C. Top N > By Duration
D. Top N > Number of Calls

Answer: C
Question 3
Which type of Cisco Unified Communications Manager user sends authentication in line with a request to read or write information to a CDR or CAR database?
A. end user
B. LDAP user
C. application end user
D. authentication user

Answer: C
Question 4
Which service allows the network to provide better or special services to a set of users and applications at the expense of other users and applications?
A. QoS
B. dial plans
C. route patterns
D. dial peers

Answer: A
Question 5
Which standard will support call forwarding?
A H.450.3
B. H.323
C. RFC 2833
D. H.450.2

Answer: A
Question 6
Which two signaling messages would you see on a network containing both Cisco Skinny and third-party IP phones that are registered to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two)
A. off hook
B. station invite
C. invite
D. invitation

Answer: A C
Question 7
What is the service parameter that determines whether or not CDRs will be generated?
A. CDR Enabled Flag
B. Call Diagnostics Enabled
C. Display FAC in CDR
D. SDL Trace Flag Enabled

Answer: A
Question 8
Which service must be activated to locate the CDR Analysis and Reporting tool under the Tools section in Cisco Unified Serviceability?
A. Cisco CAR Web Service
B. Cisco Messaging Interface
C. Cisco WebDialer Web Service
D. Cisco UXL Web Service

Answer: A
Question 9
Which option is the Cisco recommended mechanism for delivering voice payload?
A. IntServ
B. DiffServ
C. policing
D. shaping

Answer: B
Question 10
Which two methods are used to initiate the creation of a directory number while performing GUI Administration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two)
A. Follow Call Routing > Directory Number menu and choose Add New.
B. Follow Device Device > Settings Directory Number menu and choose Add New.
C. Under User Management, choose Device Association > Create New.
D. When you create the phone, choose either line option from the Association Information menu.

Answer: A D

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