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Question 1
Which two choices are used to remove unassigned DN in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two)
A. Route Plan Report
B. dial rules
C. Bulk Administration
D. Dialed Number Analyzer

Answer: A C
Question 2
MGCP gateway is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, but does not appear in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Page. Which performance and monitoring seivice must be restarted?
A. Cisco RIS data collector
B. Cisco DirSync
C. Cisco IP Manager Assistant
D. Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service

Answer: A
Question 3
Which protocol should be enabled on a Cisco switch so that AutoQoS will be applied to recognized Cisco IP phones?
A. Cisco Discovery Protocol
B. 802.1Q
C. Inter-Switch Link
D. Transmission Control Protocol

Answer: A
Question 4
What are the three methods that are used to create end users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three)
A. manual entry
B. manual copy of user object
C. bulk import
D. LDAP authentication
E. LDAP import
F. synchronization via LDAP

Answer: A C F
Question 5
How does Cisco Unified Personal Communicator control the desk phone of users?
A. IP address

Answer: B
Question 6
What defines a report user as a Manager as opposed to just a User in the CAR reporting tool?
A. The account of the report user is referenced in the Manager User ID field of another user’s account.
B. The account of the report user is a member of the Standard CAR Manager Users Group.
C. The Manager check box is checked in the CAR User Configuration page.
D. Managers log in to a different CAR Reports tool than users do.

Answer: A
Question 7
Which URL is the correct URL with which to access the Cisco Unified Reporting tool in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. https://ip_address/cucreports
B. https://ip_address\cucreports
C. https://ip_address/cucadmin
D. https://ip_address/ccmreports
E. https://ip_address\ccmreports

Answer: A
Question 8
Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager monitoring view in RTMT can display graphs for registered phones and calls in progress?
A. Database Summary
B. Gateway Activity
C. CallManager Summary
D. Device Search

Answer: C
Question 9
What are three methods used by the administrator to integrate the LDAP directory in a corporate organization? (Choose three)
A. User provisioning
B. User authentication
C. User lookup
D. User login
E. User password
F. User default settings

Answer: A B C
Question 10
When a phone that is registered as a Skinny Client Control Protocol device goes off hook, which counter gets incremented until it goes back on hook?
A. CallsAttempted
B. CallsActive
C. CallsInProgress
D. CallsCompleted

Answer: C

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