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Question 1
Refer to the exhibit.
Which object in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express GUI should you access to change a phone user password?
A. CallerID/Name
B. Telephone Number
C. Login Name
D. Phone Physical ID (Mac Address)

Answer: D
Question 2
Click and drag the description of the signaling protocol on the left to the appropriate category on the right

+ H323: A standard that provides multimedia communication services – real-time audio, video, and data communications-over packet networks
+ MGCP: Uses call agents and provides the signaling capability for less-expensive edge devices.
+ SIP: Uses a modified form of the URL addressing scheme that is used within email that is based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
+ SCCP: Clients consume less processing overhead and can also be used to control FXS ports in a router to provide supplementary features.
Question 3
Which statement about the Cisco Unified Presence user, “IT Support,” is true?
A. The user is logged into Cisco Unified Personal Communicator,
B. The user is correctly associated with the appropriate Directory Number Line Appearance.
C. The user has enabled the Do Not Disturb feature on the desk IP phone,
D. The user has enabled the Do Not Disturb feature on Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.

Answer: B
Question 4
What is the cause of the error message?
A. The command auto-reg-ephone was not added under telephony-service CLI.
B. There are no free licenses to add more phones.
C. There is no free flash space to upload firmware for the phones.
D. It is just an error message, and you only have to press OK.

Answer: A
Question 5
When phones are divided in a group where all phones can answer a call, what is that setup called?
A. call accounting
B. call pickup
C. call grouping
D. intercom

Answer: B
Question 6
What is the maximum number of lines that is supported by Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965?
A. 2 lines
B. 4 lines
C. 6 lines
D. 8 lines

Answer: C
Question 7
Under Cisco Unified Reporting on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the Unified CM Device Counts Summary report provides what information?
A. counts of each type of line, dial number, and device that is in use in the database
B. counts of only unified messaging devices that are present
C. counts of each type of device that is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager as endpoints
D. counts of directory numbers that are within the Cisco Unified CM environment

Answer: C
Question 8
How is the calendar information in Microsoft Exchange integrated into CUPS Presence signaling so that the Free/Busy status in an Outlook calendar can be mapped to the Available/Away Presence status?
A. using WebDAV
C. using CTIQBE
D. using XMPP

Answer: A
Question 9
Which two layers are Cisco Unified Communications component layers? (Choose two)
A. infrastructure layer
B. data link layer
C. network layer
D. endpoints layer
E. transport layer

Answer: A D
Question 10
In which section of the user template is CoS configured in Cisco Unity Connection?
A. Location
B. Name
C. Phone
D. System

Answer: C

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