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Question 1
Which two RTMT reports display information about completed calls? (Choose two)
A. Alert Summary
B. Call Activities
C. Performance Protection
D. Device Statistics
E. Server Statistics
F. Service Statistics

Answer: B C
Question 2
You receive a call from a remote location that the fax machine cannot dial out, but all the IP phones are working. What is the cause of this problem?
A. The POTS line is down.
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is down.
C. The PoE switch has lost power.
D. The VLAN assignment is incorrect.

Answer: A
Question 3
What are the two Cisco Unity Connection built-in reporting interfaces? (Choose two)
A. Cisco Unified Reporting
B. Cisco Unity Connection Reporting
C. Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability Reports Tool
D. Cisco Unified Serviceability Reports Archive

Answer: C D
Question 4
A Cisco Unity Connection administrator has set up a shared mailbox for a group of users and configures their extensions to forward to voicemail if the call is unanswered. Users report that callers are not reaching the mailbox and hear only the default system message. What must be configured to resolve the issue?
A. direct routing rule
B. forwarded routing rule
C. system distribution list
D. search space

Answer: B
Question 5
What is the name of the software that allows for LDAP synchronization of user information into Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. Active Directory
B. DirSync
C. DomainImport
D. Session Initiation Protocol

Answer: B
Question 6
Which server collects information about the availability and communication capability of a user?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
B. Cisco Unified Presence
C. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace
D. Database application

Answer: B
Question 7
Which Cisco voice messaging components support active-passive redundancy?
A. Cisco Unity Express
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition
C. Cisco Unity
D. Cisco Unity Connection

Answer: C
Question 8
By default, when Cisco Unity voice mailbox subscribers (using Cisco Unity on Microsoft Exchange) have exceeded the “prohibit send and receive” setting of their mailbox size, where does a message from an unidentified caller go?
A. nowhere (It is deleted.)
B. the subscriber’s mailbox, but it is unavailable until some messages are deleted
C. the subscriber’s mailbox, with warning
D. the system administrator mailbox
E. the Unaddressed Messages distribution list

Answer: E
Question 9
Which three options are used for adding phones to Cisco Unified Communications Manager using autoregistration? (Choose three)
A. phone template
B. device pool
C. starting directory number
D. phone button template
E. calling search space
F. partition
G. external phone number mask
H. common phone profile

Answer: C F G
Question 10
Which four tasks does RTMT allow an administrator to perform? (Choose four)
A. View syslog messages.
B. Generate alerts when threshold is below or above user-configured.
C. Monitor a set of predefined management objects that monitor the health of the system.
D. Collect information and traces about errors or alerts that exist in the RTMT.
E. Reboot the system.
F. Perform incremental backups.
G. Export CDR.

Answer: A B C D

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