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Question 1
How many passwords are utilized for each user in Cisco Unity Connection?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Answer: C
Question 2
When a user calls a Cisco Unified Communications Manager telephone and another call is already in progress on that telephone, the calling user sees incorrect line identification information. Which configuration item is at fault?
A. The calling user dialed the wrong number.
B. The directory number exists in two partitions, but each line has different line identification information.
C. The call was forwarded to another directory number.
D. The line that was called cannot accept more than one call at a time.

Answer: B
Question 3
A new user is unable to log into voice mail and no one is able to leave this user a voice-mail message. Which two options are causing the problem? (Choose two)
A. The extension number was not configured in Cisco Unity Connection.
B. The TUI settings are set to default.
C. The mailbox size is too small.
D. The DN was misconfigured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: A D
Question 4
Which standard is applicable to prevent an unnecessary drop in QoS over an IP WAN connection?
B. broadband Internet access
C. H.450.3
D. policy map

Answer: C
Question 5
Which protocol allows Cisco Unified Communications Manager to take control of a specific port on a gateway?
B. H.323
C. Q.931

Answer: D
Question 6
Which industry standard method does Cisco Unified Presence incorporate for communication between different IM clients?
A. Jabber XCP
B. Jabber XML
C. Jabber TCP
D. Jabber TLS

Answer: A
Question 7
Which type of data file is used for bulk import of users into Cisco Unity Connection?
A. .xls
B. .doc
C. .csv
D. .pdf

Answer: C
Question 8
Cisco Jabber facilitates online communication through the use of all of these features except one. Which one?
A. chat
B. desktop sharing
C. Microsoft SharePoint workspace integration
D. Microsoft Outlook integration
E. Presence
F. video conferencing

Answer: C
Question 9
Which three methods can be used to import multiple Cisco Unity Connection users at one time on a system that is integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three)
A. AXL server
B. LDAP connection
C. user creation tool
D. user import function
E. XLS import
F. You cannot import multiple users at one time.

Answer: A B D
Question 10
When you use the Dialed Number Analyzer in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, how does the output get saved?
A. as an analysis that only appears on the screen, so you must copy it to another it
B. as a log file accessible through the GUI interface
C. as a text file named dnaOutput calling party dialeddigits.xml on the Cisco Unified CM server
D. as an XML file named dnaOutput callingparty dialeddigits .xml on your local PC

Answer: D

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