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Question 1
The display on a phone shows the message “Error DB Config” when trying to register to Cisco Unified Communications Manager via auto registration. Which two options are ways to fix the problem? (Choose two)
A. Add to the range of auto registration DNs.
B. Restore only valid directory numbers using the CAR tool.
C. Delete the device, and its directory number will be deleted automatically.
D. Navigate to System > Route Plan Report > Unassigned DNs > Delete Selected

Answer: A D
Question 2
Which server does Cisco recommend that you configure before a CUCM backup?

Answer: A
Question 3
The Cisco Unity DiRT program is recommended for which task?
A. daily system backups
B. live backups while the system is in production use
C. making a full image of the Cisco Unity server
D. upgrading Cisco Unity to a new version or migrating to a new server

Answer: D
Question 4
A Cisco IP phone fails to register with the Cisco CallManager. Which choice should be checked first to isolate the issue?
A. Cisco Discovery Protocol is enabled on the switch.
B. The phone generates dhcp request packets.
C. The phone generates TFTP request packets.
D. Delete and re-create the phone.

Answer: B
Question 5
An engineer is troubleshooting call quality issues between central headquarters and a remote branch location. When on an active call, the engineer watches the call statistics on the IP phone and notices that the max jitter is 100 ms.
What is the maximum amount of jitter that the engineer should set to maintain a high-quality call?
A. 5 ms
B. 50 ms
C. 10 ms
D. 30 ms

Answer: D
There are some recommended requirements for high-quality voice calls:
End-to-end (one-way) delay: 150 ms or less
Jitter: 30 ms or less
Packet loss: 1% or less
(Reference: and CCNA Voice 640-461 Official Certification Guide)
Question 6
Which standard protocol is utilized for signaling between the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router and the Cisco Unity Express module?

Answer: C
Question 7
What does Cisco recommend as the maximum number of ports and users for Cisco Unity Connection on a single server?
A. 100 ports, 10,000 users
B. 250 ports, 20,000 users
C. 250 ports, 50,000 users
D. 500 ports, 20,000 users

Answer: B
Question 8
Refer to the exhibit.
A user was imported to Cisco Unity Connection through LDAP integration. The user was later deleted from Active directory. What would happen to the user in Cisco Unity Connection?
A. User would get purged immediately.
B. User would be converted to a permanent Cisco Unity Connection legacy user in 24 hours.
C. User would get purged in 24 hours.
D. User would be converted to a permanent Cisco Unity Connection legacy user immediately.

Answer: B
Question 9
Which three choices are functions or features of Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three)
A. video-enabled messaging through converged networks
B. text-to-speech, which allows access to Exchange emails from a telephone
C. voice-enabled message navigation
D. voice-enabled dialing to external users
E. automated attendant capabilities
F. automated call rerouting to agents through round robin, longest idle, or broadcast

Answer: B C E

Question 10
You are assigned the task of performing a manual backup of CDR data. Which account has access to the DRS by default?
A. Platform Administrative account
B. Application end users account
C. Master Agent account
D. Cisco License Manager account

Answer: A

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