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Question 1
An administrator is attempting to add a new IP phone to the network. The phone does not register and continues to cycle through the registration process. The administration checks and notices that the IP address assigned to the phone is not correct network. What is the cause of this issue?
A. The TFTP server is reconfigured
B. The DHCP server is giving out false IP addresses
C. The Cisco Unified Communication Manager is down
D. The switch port that the phone is connected to is configured with the wrong voice LAN
E. The PSTN gateway is down

Answer: D
Question 2
Which method is used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager to provide IP phone line status information to Cisco Unified Presence?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP Phone service Device Info
B. SIP Publish
C. LDAP synchronization
D. XML-via-HTTP signaling
E. SCCP Station Call information

Answer: B
Question 3
When you attempt to add a phone to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express using the GUI interface, the error “No New Phone to Add” appears. Which command is causing the error?
A. no auto-reg-ephone
B. no service ephone-reg
C. sip-ua no auto-reg-ephone
D. stcapp ccm-group 1

Answer: A
Question 4
Which two choices best describe call signaling and media flows? (Choose two)
A. a process used to connect two parties calling
B. audio or video or both transferred between two parties during conversation
C. protocol for end-to-end users
D. a flow of audio and instant messaging
E. all call control signals being delivered through a channel
F. data telephony, over a data network such as the Internet

Answer: A B
Question 5
When creating users manually in Cisco Unity Connection, where is the user data maintained?
A. IBM Informix database
B. Local Cisco Unity Connection database
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer: B
Question 6
Which method can be used to retrieve a call that is placed on hold from a Cisco IP phone?
A. call hold
B. call park
C. call slot
D. transfer call

Answer: B
Question 7
Which three tools are used to create phone user accounts in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express? (Choose three)
A. Cisco Configuration Professional
F. Cisco Security Device Manager

Answer: A C D
Question 8
Which statement describes the reason that some of the user accounts that are imported from Cisco Unified Communications Manager into Cisco Unity Connection using AXL do not appear in the list of users that is found via AXL?
A. The LDAP manager account password is incorrect.
B. The DirSync service is not activated.
C. The missing user accounts are not configured with a primary extension in the Cisco Unified Communications database.
D. The missing user accounts had the Do Not List In Directory setting checked.

Answer: C
Question 9
Which three models of configuration does Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express support? (Choose three)
A. keyswitch
C. hybrid
F. voice gateway

Answer: A B C
Question 10
Which Cisco Unified Communications platform is being utilized?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
B. Cisco Unified Presence
C. Cisco Unity Connection
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer: A

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