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Question 1
Which three rules are valid transfer rules in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three)
A. Standard
B. alternate
C. closed
D. holiday
E. nonstandard

Answer: A B C
Question 2
Which command is used to verify that the Cisco IOS files that are needed to perform GUI administration are present?
A. show running-config
B. show version
C. show flash
D. show inventory

Answer: C
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a successor to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. TLS provides secure communications on the Internet for such things as e-mail, Internet faxing, and other data transfers. We should use IMAP (TCP/TLS) protocol to configure CUPC for secure voice messaging with Cisco Unity Connection.
Question 3
Which path would you use to implement end users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express using Cisco Configuration Professional?
A. Configure > Unified Communications > Telephony Settings > User Settings
B. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Phones
C. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > User Settings
D. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Extensions
E. Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Phones and Users

Answer: E
Question 4
Of the fields listed, which two fields are required to successfully create a phone user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two)
A. Last Name
B. PIN (and confirmation PIN)
C. Primary Extension
D. User ID

Answer: A D
Question 5
When adding an IP phone to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system, what two choices does an administrator have to add the phone to the system? (Choose two.)
A. auto-registration
B. FHSS provisioning
C. IP phone configuration assistant
D. manual provisioning
E. Cisco Unified Serviceability

Answer: A D
You can automatically add phones that support either SCCP or SIP to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database by using auto registration, manually by using the phone configuration windows, or in groups with the Bulk Administration Tool (BAT), If you do not use auto registration, you must manually add phones to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database.
Question 6
Which three items are required to provision core telephony seivice on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router? (Choose three)
A. MAC address
B. IP source address
C. dial peer
D. ephone
E. max-dn
F. max-ephone

Answer: B E F
Question 7
You are connecting your voice gateway to the PSTN through digital lines. What is the command you should use for clocking synchronization?
A. clock source line
B. clock source internal
C. clock source free-running
D. clock source external

Answer: A
Question 8
Which is a voice signaling protocol that is used between telephone company Corporate Offices around the world?
B. H.323
C. SS7
D. MGCP 1.0

Answer: C
Question 9
Which two procedures should be used to search for unassigned directory numbers? (Choose two)
A. Route Partition
B. Directory Number
C. Phone Number
D. Phone Serial Number

Answer: A B
Question 10
What type of CDR and CMR files can be downloaded from the call manager server?

Answer: D

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